The Green Vessel

  • The Green Vessel

  • Auteur : Étienne de France
  • Année : 2019
  • Catégorie : DOCUMENTARY
  • Fiche Technique

  • Title : The Green Vessel
  • Film length : 52 min
  • Language : English, Spanish
  • Subtitles : English, French

The Green Vessel tells the journey and the story of an old man on a river. Like a storyteller, he shares with us a story: the tale of a scientist, who discovers a contaminated river, and tries to understand the sources of this problem. Accompanied by an artist and a young guide, he pursues his research in remotes territories covered by a large forest. As he continues his tale, the old narrator engages himself in a long journey between river and vegetation, a quest that connects him to his own story.

The film is now available (VOD) on DAfilms :



04 novembre 2019 - 19:00 Synesthésie - MMaintenant Saint-Denis


FIDMarseille 2019 (French Competition, First feature film)

Etienne de France (b. 1984) is a French artist currently living in Paris, France.
Unfolding his practice in a multidisciplinary and fragmented way, Etienne de France explores the relationships between concepts of nature and landscape. Through the fields of sciences and architecture, Etienne de France create works using a variety of media such as video, writing, photography, sculpture and drawing. From a questioning on landscape as a space of imaginary and emancipation, he elaborates fictional and narrative maps.
Composed of serial elements, each project is the result of a long-term development, forming the visible bodies of his work. This process allows integrating the possibility of a dialogue between the exhibition’s space and the work, but also through the involvement of many ramifications, to extend the work, and to place it in a space for critical dialogs.

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