Le dossier de Mari S.

  • Le dossier de Mari S.

  • Auteur : Olivia MOLNAR
  • Année : 2015
  • Catégorie : DOCUMENTARY
  • Fiche Technique

  • Title of the movie : Le dossier de Mari S
  • Director : Olivia Molnàr
  • Producer : Oliver Marboeuf
  • Executive production : Spectre productions
  • Length : 28 min
  • Crédits

  • Photography : Olivia Molnàr
  • Editing : Olivia Molnàr

“Budapest, November 2014. I've managed to obtain the secret file on Mari S from the state archives. What I've received is the totality of the reports collected by the Ministry of the Interior of the Popular Republic of Hungary. The Munka File, or Work File, covers the period from 1954 to 1989. The file of Mari S was closed in 1989. If the wall had fallen a year later, or if I had been born a year earlier, perhaps I would figure in the file too.”
A few years after the Revolution of 56, Mari S and her two children escape from their country, Hungary, to join the rest of the family in Italy. Long after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Mari S is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Reading pages from the archives of the Soviet regime, her niece tries to reconstruct her aunt's lost memories.



08/2016 - Etats généraux du film documentaire, Lussas, France
03/2016 - Terra di Cinema, Tremblay-en-France, France (National Premiere)
11/2015 - Hors-Pistes Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium
11/2015 - Torino Film Festival, Torino, Italy (World Premiere - Italian Short Film Prize)

05/2016 - Point Culture Louvain la Neuve, Louvain la Neuve, Belgium

Olivia Molnàr was born in Italy on November 7, 1990. The daughter of an Italian mother and a Hungarian father, both actors and playwrights, from early childhood she was plunged into a theatrical and artistic ambience. She studied in Venice, at the School for Visual Arts and Performance (IUAV), where she was interested in theater, video and animation. In 2013 she decided to continue her studies in Belgium, specializing in narration and animation at the École de recherche graphique. She currently lives and works in Brussels.